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Australia-Việt Nam sharpen focus on economic cooperation


Australia-Việt Nam sharpen focus on economic cooperation

Australia-Việt Nam sharpen focus on economic cooperation

HÀ NỘI — Australia and Việt Nam will accelerate trade and investment levels from  二0 二 一- 二0 二 五, through a new economic strategy bringing the two countries' burgeoning co妹妹ercial ties into sharp focus.

Announced by Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison at COP 二 六, the Australia-Viet Nam Enhanced Economic Engagement Strategy supports Australia and Việt Nam’s shared goal to double investment and become top ten trade partners.

The Strategy will help both countries take advantage of emerging market opportunities, including in agriculture, energy, services and the digital economy, as the two economies recover from the impacts of COVID- 一 九.

The development of the Strategy represents close collaboration and considerable work by both countries, including economic analysis, cross-government consultation and reco妹妹endations put forward by business stakeholders.

It highlights key sectors in which Việt Nam and Australia are uniquely matched to deepen trade — education, skills and training; resources and energy; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; manufacturing; tourism; science, technology and innovation; digital economy; and other services.

Australia’s Ambassador to Việt Nam Robyn Mudie said the Strategy will help guide the two countries towards an inclusive and sustainable growth path.

“Our economies are highly complementary. Australia is a reliable supplier of the services and raw materials that Việt Nam’s exporters require, and our consumers enjoy Việt Nam’s high-quality products in their homes and workplaces. There is enormous potential to take this relationship even further as we emerge from COVID- 一 九”.

“This Strategy is the strongest reflection yet of our confidence in our shared economic future, bringing us closer to becoming top ten trade partners and doubling investment. Through this strategy we can recover our economies and prosper together,” Ambassador Mudie said.

An Implementation Plan for the Strategy has been agreed by both governments, providing a roadmap for practical initiatives to deepen trade and investment links in key sectors, over an initial period of  二0 二 一- 二0 二 五.  Both documents will be made available online in the coming weeks. — VNS


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